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Reply to "Changes to the 1980 Constitution - PPPC boasting about."

Demerara_Guy posted:
Django posted:
VishMahabir posted:

Django, why you putting your own headline here.

The PPP regardless of changes, benefitted from the Burnham constitution

Bhai,wan wan time yuh does have to highlight the stupidness,some posters boosting how many changes the PPP made to the 1980 Constitution.

The real changes to Electoral reforms were pushed aside,by one  PPP member.[passed away] alyuh guess who.Them same people used to bad mouth the Burnham illegal laws.

1. Perhaps some people are unaware that the title of the article must be the title of the post.

2. After the article is published, the initiator and/or others can put their views and "spins" on the contents.

When was this law passed?