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Reply to "Celebrated Guyanese writer Peter Kempadoo passes away"

Bibi Haniffa posted:
Baseman posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:
Prashad posted:

RIP Peter. Prashad always thought that Peter was Afro Guyanese.


I know him very well and always thought he was African heritage.  His kids are definitely African mixed.  I didn’t realize he was Guyanese.  I thought Burnham brought him from overseas to work on a project.  

You know him "very well", but you thought he was African and not Indian, 100% Indian!

You know him "very well", but you did not know he was Guyanese, 100% Guyanese!!

He returned to Guyana and left again when you were a little girl!

How do you define knowing "very well?"

BTW, we still waiting for the NYSE ticker for Sundari!

Do you know "Sundari" very will too?

I lived next door to him for four years. And his daughter Oonya went to the school where I was a teacher.

Gyaal, wuh you do posting pon GNI before 4am?  You should be cuddling up and enjoying the body warmth!

Anyway, on Kempadoo me don’t doubt you were acquainted with di people. But claiming knowing “very well” and don’t know he was Indian and Guyanese don’t jive fuh most people!  

But nah mek worries, we believe you!

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