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Reply to "Celebrated Guyanese writer Peter Kempadoo passes away"

Baseman posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:
Prashad posted:

RIP Peter. Prashad always thought that Peter was Afro Guyanese.


I know him very well and always thought he was African heritage.  His kids are definitely African mixed.  I didn’t realize he was Guyanese.  I thought Burnham brought him from overseas to work on a project.  

You know him "very well", but you thought he was African and not Indian, 100% Indian!

You know him "very well", but you did not know he was Guyanese, 100% Guyanese!!

He returned to Guyana and left again when you were a little girl!

How do you define knowing "very well?"

BTW, we still waiting for the NYSE ticker for Sundari!

Do you know "Sundari" very will too?

I lived next door to him for four years. And his daughter Oonya went to the school where I was a teacher.