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Catastrophic Collapse of Christianity in Britain

Catastrophic Collapse of Christianity in Britain Says New Study

By • May 18, 2013

It’s long been known that the number of British persons identifying themselves as Christian has been on the decline for several years now. As recently as last year, one study as reported in the British Newspaper (Telegraph UK), had these surprising statistics to report:

  • The number of people who declare themselves as Christians in England and Wales has fallen by almost ten per cent over the last five years, according to an official survey.
  • While Christianity remains the faith followed by the overall majority figures have been falling, down from 77 per cent in 2005 to 70 per cent in 2010.
  • The research also showed that Christians are less than half as likely to attend a place of worship as followers of other faiths.
  • Christian people were much less likely than all the other main religions to say that they practised their religion, while Muslim people were the most likely to practise their religion.

An updated study was done on the information from the 2011  census and some new data/ trends have been derived. The new information, provided by the Office for National Statistics now states (as published by the Telegraph UK):

  • Christianity is declining 50% faster than originally thought.
  • It suggests that only a minority of people will describe themselves as Christians within the next decade, for the first time.
  • The proportion of young people who describe themselves as even nominal Christians has dropped below half for the first time.
  • Meanwhile almost one in 10 under 25s in Britain is now a Muslim.
  • They (The Office for National Statistics) disclosed that there were in fact 5.3 million fewer British-born people describing themselves as Christians, a decline of 15 per cent in just a decade.
  • At the same time the number of Muslims in England and Wales surged by 75 per cent – boosted by almost 600,000 more foreign born followers of the Islamic faith. While almost half of British Muslims are under the age of 25, almost a quarter of Christians are over 65.

What’s striking from this report, is the main point made by Dr. Fraser Watts, a Cambridge Theologian who said:

“It was “entirely possible” the people identifying themselves as Christians could become a minority within the next decade on the basis of the figures.

“It is still pretty striking and it is a worrying trend and confirms what anyone can observe – that in many churches the majority of the congregation are over 60.”

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