Reply to "Carl Greenidge, WPA executive members clash on direct cash transfers from oil money .. This Jackass David Hinds Is Encouraging Young People Not To Work.."

ronan posted:
Baseman posted:

Blacks feel they are the rightful owners of the oil. It all belonged to Mother Africa some 300 million years ago with Panjaeo  Now they feel they have found their lost treasure. Indians trying to take it away.  Them ain’t giving it up!

yeah banna, let's talk about who is actually confiscating the nation's resources

let's reflect on REAL things

let's talk about battam house Idris Dookie being gifted a vast oil field FOR NOTHING Obiang Nguema style by the prior INDIAN criminal Jagdeo/Ramoutar/Robert Persaud ruling triumvirate

let's talk about ON Energy and the no-cost "RIGHTS" to vast oilfields the Beharrys and CGX still holding on to

let's talk about the brazen giveaway of the PEOPLE'S broadcast spectrum that enriched the mostly INDIAN NEPS friends & family of Bharrat Jagdeo

let's talk about the obscenity of puja shop operator Fip Motilall being awarded the RIGHTS to develop the biggest industrial (hydro power) project in the nation's history . . . is the $US 15 million "rights" fee from Sithe Global still pending?

there is NOTHING even close to this racial barefacedness, this monstrous THEFT of the Nation's patrimony by the "INDIAN" PPP in the record of the so-called "Black" government of David Granger

and, oh yes . . . a kings ransom awaits Babby and the Jagdeoite (INDIAN) tiefman collective for the Berbice Bridge taxpayer RAPE if the "INDIAN" PPP is returned to power

and all that is just the tip of a very dutty racial iceberg

another 20 years on when the flush new INDIAN billionare oligarchy is funding death squad ARMIES to maintain the contrived criminal status quo and keep aggrieved Afro-Guyanese in their place, people like you will be curling yuh lip and throwing shade about the lack of 'vigor' on wealth-creating by dem Black people

but all y'all can talk about today is diversionary shyte about "pangaea," and reify all kind of dark fantasies about Black people to justify alyuh evil deeds and intentions

yes banna, let's talk about REAL things

Black people are not stupid!

Nice of you to delineate the crimes of the PPP but given the trajectory of the PNC why are they the better option?  They have a well established provenance of ethnic preference, a mean a dictatorial streak and they seem to be headed that way again resolutely with no compromise. That is talking about real things. I guess Indian people are like black people... not stupid! My hope is they act to mitigate their conclusions by defecting from these two parties to some third party. I prefer Shuman.