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Baseman posted:

Blacks feel they are the rightful owners of the oil.

It all belonged to Mother Africa some 300 million years ago with Panjaeo  Now they feel they have found their lost treasure.

Indians trying to take it away.  Them ain’t giving it up!

GNI is a classy forum, the more you live the more you learn.

Base what's "Panjaeo" ? the closest word i have found is "Pangaea" .What the the modern theory of plate tectonics , have to do with ownership of resources in Guyana.

Facts About Pangaea, Ancient Supercontinent.

Here is an interesting paper to read. Maybe of great interest to VishMahabir, also  Laba.

Intermarriage, 'Douglas,' Creolization ofIndians in Contemporary Guyana: the Rocky Road of Ambiguity and Ambivalence

by Yoshiko Shibata

LInk to paper

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