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Reply to "Carib is Caught with his Panty Down And Is Expose For His Lies.It Was Kaieture News Who Caught The Government Without Clothes and Exposed Them..."

Django posted:

Dave, the PNC need more than 10,000 votes to win, if they have intention to rig the elections, they are in for a rude awakening. Who ever in the PNC camp thinks such, need their head examined.

I think the belief using Haitians to pad the voters list is a red herring.

The way BJ is taking PPP, I donโ€™t even think PNC need to pad the list.

Bhai  PPP supporters are on the fence with what Jagdeo is doing in regards to having Irfan going as Presidential Candidate ... we believe most will stay away from the polls on Election Day, cause them fed up. 

The people are saying โ€œ these  decisions by BJ  are the reason why they support AFC in 2015 .. but was betrayed , why should they go back to  the same style PPP was accused off. 

Guyanese are connect via Facebook by Villages and is sharing ideas and concerns. 

Guyanese knows the ABC countries are silent on the violations of the constitution and they are blaming BJ for this, cause he is adamant of Irfan as a president of a country who  is facing 19 fraud charges... the people are saying Irfan should not even be a MP until his name is clear.. and them want to see his certificate ๐Ÿ˜Š. 

I am abstaining from voting for PPP and will never give my vote to another party... we are not raising funds for the party also unless BJ change his dictator attitude. 

It should be noted also, majority of PPP executives are a no show at social gathering.