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This to end the lies that Canada tells.  Parts of Canada were more  segregated than NY.

And let us not even begin to discuss the problems of the Native population.

Historically, from around the 1840's, Canada heavily assisted the African slaves who were fleeing the US_of_A.


Did they?  In fact so did many in the non slave states in the USA. So your point?  

Why didn't hundreds of thousands of blacks flee the USA for Canada if it was this nirvana? 

In fact as soon as slavery ended in the USA many of those left ONTARIO to had back south.  Their attitude was if they were going to have to endure racism they might as well do so in a place which wasn't so cold.

And yes racial segregation occurred in the Maritimes as late as the 1940s.

Now run along and let your white Canada master pat you on the head for being a good little pet trying to spread his myths about Saint Canada.

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