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Reply to "‘Bobby’ Ramroop is largest shareholder in Berbice Bridge, owns 40 percent"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
Baseman posted:

We heard so much of the corrupt deal to supply drugs to Guyana using Bobby Ramroop.  Now this govt awarded him the contract.  


Well the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board award the Contract, there is no shutting out of the cronies.

Check here

Supply and Delivery of Drugs & Medical Supply for Non-Communicable DiseasesNCB907/18/2018 1165/2018/43New GPC Inc$5,768,848G$

Hey Django, you can continue sit on your chair playing with your Dick and watch who gets contract.

I man gonna put my name for some contracts  .. I gone drink me coconut water and eat me cockup with a few sexy chicks around me and enjoy how ayo fighting each other... 

Pleaaaase tell me you meant COOKup.........