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Reply to "‘Bobby’ Ramroop is largest shareholder in Berbice Bridge, owns 40 percent"

Baseman posted:
Zed posted:
Tola posted:

You are indeed a fool not to understand whose motivation is mentioned. 

Clue :' Tell us about your father'.

Me gone to better things. 

What does his father have to do with this discussion? Why bring family members into a discussion?

People like to write crap here. The answers to these questions might direct then to educate themselves about this issue.

what is the difference between the trickle down economic theory now practiced by Trump and the concessions granted to Bobby by the Jagdeo government?

Where is the data to show that Bobby received preferential pricing for his shares. 

What is the current annual  ROI earned by common shareholders of the bridge company?

How did the lack of a widespread and vibrant stock market and money market in Guyana affect how the bridge was financed and who financed the bridge?

Is the bridge a social, public good when conceived and at present, or merely a money making private enterprise? 

The clown 🤡 scurrying like a cockroach in daylight when you question his nonsensical positions.  

Didnt he recently talked of some stupid book deal gone bad.  Never heard so much stupidity from a grown man.  Now he run guh dig my father out his grave!

its a simple request, show or explain your position.  Don’t pelt bricks and scurry like a cockroach!

Is this your idea of an argument? Is this all you have to counter what I have written? Use the brains that god gave you to make sense instead of the drivel and cuss down you post here marquerading as arguments and logic.