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Reply to "APNU- AFC Clash With Residence -"

Dave posted:
Django posted:

So what ayuh get from this Residence thread ?   Indo-Guyanese good ,Afro-Guyanese bad .

The guy in the FB video where the East-Indian claimed hes was pelted while passing an APNU-AFC meeting ,the  bright boy video takeouter , describing pelter as Negro. Listen to the bright  boy videotakerouter ,describing the incident ,ayuh see a lot of holes in this incident ? or is good for the ears ?

As much it's wrong to attack supporters of political parties. Did the bright boy video takeouter ,do any justice describing the incident. What do you think Afro-Guyanese will have in their minds ,that fella is a hater of Afro-Guyanese.

You have no shame, people like Ayo have to shade in blackman ass .. hiding  behind a computer screen defending them. 

The video guy apologized for his words - your conveniently deaf. You didn’t see a human was injured. 

I have limited time today but will peep in now and thento cuss you. 

 Probably you and the bright boy videotakeouter can shake hands .

That's what you on this forum for ? when facts are pointed out. I can forward to many FB goups  ,let them get a good laugh at the hater .The division are alive in the homeland.

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