Reply to "ANUG flays President over submission of names for GECOM Chair -says no new laws can be passed or contracts signed"

ksazma posted:
Baseman posted:

Funny, my 85 year old aunt called me yesterday from Florida.  We chatted about lots, then I asked about elections.  

She was pissed saying Jagdeo insulted their intelligence.  She said why he thinks he can put any donkey and people will still vote PPP.  Seems Jagdeo overplayed!

Cribby is more in tuned with the non-diehard PPP supporters in Guyana.  They are now watching who granger takes as running mate.  They are more open Nagamootoo than Ramjattan. But they open to considering others.

Granger has his pulse on the swing voters.  

Bai, that is the difference between your aunt and other traditional PPP supporters. They will go out of their way to assess the quality of the PPP leadership. PNC supporters don’t lose sleep on stuff like that. They will vote PNC regardless of who or what is the leader.

Well, it also reflects an arrogance towards those who don’t just follow blindly.  

And you believe the PPP can afford to “throw away” that subset who wishes to think about such, even if it means they just stay home!

To get over the top, you don’t need to cater to the base, you need to cater to the swing!

Well, Ayuh try deh with Ayuh model!!