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Reply to "ANUG flays President over submission of names for GECOM Chair -says no new laws can be passed or contracts signed"

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Unfortunately, Indians haven’t learned a thing.  The PNC that drove them out of Guyana is the same PNC that many of them fought to put back into power.  Indians are malicious people.  They cut their nose and spoil their face.  Some of them are even cussing the same Granger that they help to put in power.  Blacks are much more loyal people. Even if Granger give them dry coconut to eat they still want him as President.

A different conclusion can be drawn from this observation...

The whole observational process is screwed up. Bibi is in the tradition of our racist reality only speaking of the parties in terms of their ethnicity so wrongs and rights are parsed on which race it is about.

This is the stupid sort of crap that has us failing at all levels in the society because at any time whomever is in power they are only working with one half of the people. Imagine that, Guyana has never successfully managed any industry in its entire existence as a nation.

Take that and tell me which side of this ethnic equation can manage oil income.

Dem rass talking from 3,000 miles away with no stake in Guyana.  My family in Guyana are educated and own business and they are split.  As I said, they care most of the crime situation.  Beyond that, PPP PNC they are not oversold on either.  

Did you let em know you does back both parties depending on the weather?

So you join that band because a clap lash pon yuh racist anti-Indian rass.  

I agree or don’t agree based on the  issue. You, on the other hand, agree with the PNC as long as what they do is detrimental to the PPP and their constituency.