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Reply to "ANUG flays President over submission of names for GECOM Chair -says no new laws can be passed or contracts signed"

ksazma posted:

You picked an article but cut it off where you thought you can harvest your deception.  Everything in Jagdeo's response to Granger's stupid demand to also nominate the sale people that he will pick from was to accommodate Granger quest for relevancy and not Jagdeo inviting Granger to also suggest names.

not sure what your issue is

i posted a link to the reporting in Stabroek News

the mandate of the CCJ was built on "good faith" and "consensus" . . . these subjective, ill-defined somethings were naturally left up to the parties

the PNC 'interpretive' proffer to formalize a role for Granger in the nominating process is silly

and the PPP's counter with agreement on an informal nominating role by the President to facilitate consensus on the six that the Opposition would present for choosing was simply a pose

this is all ass backwards

the impasse was all too predictable

idiot, whaderass are you tilting at?