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PNC wants to destroy Region 6.

You got it wrong , the administration of Region 6 are from the PPP, they are destroying the Indo-Guyanese in Region 6. Remember the boasting of landslide PPP victory at the recent LGE.

What do you think ,the heading reflects the article ? should it be corrected ?

You are wrong Mr Django- all taxes  collected by village councils are given to the regional council who gives it to Central Government. Regional government have to prepare a budget and give to Central Government who then determines how much money the Regional Office gets.

I thought that all taxes collected at the NDC level is spent by the NDC.

In addition, central Govt. gives a subventions. Favouritism occurs when the coalition areas get larger subventions than PPP areas, and PPP areas are refused permission or have delays in getting permission to spend their subventions. Remember, also, if I am correct, the NDC and RDC have to provide budgets for approval before spending.

Thanks to correct Dave , he doesn't seem to understand how Regional and Neighborhood Democratic Councils functions. Perhaps that's told to the supporters of the PPP for the underdevelopment in their communities.

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