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. There was a massive brain drain during the PNC era, during PPP time this continued due to lack of opportunity but those leaving were mostly the uneducated like lilmohan et al. 

In fact the brain drain was just as high under the PPP, but interesting so was the flight of PPP supporters to cut cane in Barbados and St Kitts. And to scrub toilets in Trinidad.

Of note is the fact that East Berbice, the PPP homeland, saw its population decline by over 25% under the PPP.  Why?

"The last “sugar train” rattled into the yard and the factory machinery was shut down on July 31, 2005, bringing an end to over 350 years of sugar production on the island of St. Kitts."


And what is a lie.

1.  the East Berbice population did implode under the PPP.

2. Loads of PPP supporters did flee to cut cane in Barbados and in st Kitts. In 2005 the PPP was still in power and over 60% of the cane cutters on that island were Guyanese.  The same article that you cite also makes mention of it, but I note that you don't show it.  Even now in Barbados cane stays in the field unless PPP supporters cut it.