And the robberies and murders continues unabated on a daily basis: Robberies and murders now invades Guyana

Granny scales fence

Dularie, age 62

Dularie, age 62 gunmen terrorise Corentyne family


By Andrew Carmichael


A large gang of armed bandits early Tuesday morning forced an elderly Port Mourant, Berbice woman to scale a fence after they attacked and robbed a Corentyne family and their neighbours, carting off a quantity of jewellery, cash and other valuables in a 45-minute ordeal.

The incident occurred at Johns, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). According to reports received, at about 01:00h on Tuesday, 10 armed men who were masked and dressed in camouflage clothing attacked the family, minutes after they had emptied a 40-foot container which had arrived earlier in the day.

According to Ishwar Bignauth, also called “Buck”, he had just left the yard to visit a friend when he saw the men. He related to Guyana Times that some of the men were hiding behind one of two containers as the others approached. “I run back and start fo hola fo thief. Ah fall down three times and they catch me by the gate,” Bignauth related.

Dera Singh, also known as “Bull”

Dera Singh, also known as “Bull”

He said he was immediately struck on the head with what appeared to be a gun. Meanwhile, Dera Singh also known as ‘Bull’, to whom the container was posted, related that he him himself under a tractor which was off loaded from the container.

“Six man run in with six gun me see, and me run bottom the tractor an me hide. One ah dem say watch ah owner gone under de tractor.”

According to Singh, one of the men proceeded to use a piece of iron to hit him on the body, ordering him to come out.

His brother-in-law along with his wife, who had arrived in the country earlier in the day, had just left the premises in a car to have a bath at his mother-in-law when the bandits arrived. “They carry me in the kitchen an ask me where all the money and gold deh,” Singh recounted. “Me say ‘before allyuh do me anything this is all the money me get.”

He then gave them the $760,000 he had in his pocket. However, he was told that they wanted US money and the foreigner. “Me tell dem that the man gone, an they carry me in the bedroom an start broadside me an then lash me with a iron bar an me head bus,” Singh related.

According to Singh, the men took about $120,000 worth in jewellery, a cellular phone, two amplifiers and stock from the refrigerator, among other items before they locked the nine-member family in the kitchen and made good their escape. However, this was not before ransacking his son-in-law’s house which is in the same yard.

Sharraz Azzas with the iron bar that they were hit with

Sharraz Azzas with the iron bar that they were hit with

Beeram Singh was just returning home after having a bath at a friend’s house when he was taken captive and had his towel placed over his head. He said that the men asked for gold and diamonds while at the same time hitting him in the head with an iron bar.

At his home, the door to the wardrobe was broken open and jewellery and cash removed. The house was also ransacked. His wife, Kurardavi Kalicharran, who is said to be five months pregnant, was also hit in the face with a gun.

Kalicharran said when she heard the shout for ‘thief’, she ran around the side of the two storied house, scaled the back fence, ran a short distance before being forced to scale a second fence, spraining her ankle in the process. “I didn’t care if me foot break, I had to get away because they would ah beat me and ask me to carry them to me mother house where me sister from overseas went.”

Kalicharran explained that she made it to a neighbour’s house, from where she contacted the Police. However, her 62-year-old mother who was following suit, was not as fortunate and she was caught as she tried to escape.

According to Dularie Sewghair, after she was caught escaping, she was dealt several slaps from one of the bandits. As the bandit became distracted, however, she said she seized the opportunity and ran to the back fence, managing to jump into a neighbour’s yard, where she sought refuge.

One of the men who was in the house said he was able to identify two of the bandits. “All of dem had cloth tie over they face and the cloth fall off of one of them face and I know him from right here in Port Mourant.” He said that he was able to identify another from his voice and features.

Meanwhile, Singh said after the men left he went to a neighbour’s house and called the Police, who arrived shortly after. One of the victims led Police to a house where two men were arrested; one of whom was identified as the man whose mask had fallen off. Several persons were treated at the Port Mourant hospital and sent away. Police are continuing their investigations.

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