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Reply to "Alleged Fraud - M.Irfaan Ali- PPP Presidential Candidate -academic qualifications circulating on FB"

kp posted:
Django posted:
ksazma posted:

Bai Django, why yuh loosing sleep over dem lil ABC certificates when de bruddah gat wan PhD fram UWI? 😀

No sleep loss , saw it circulating on few FB pages, thinks it should on the pages of GNI . Perhaps it may be distasteful to some folks.

You does fall for any crap on FB, I can post on FB you having sex with a dog and I bet some people would agree.

 This degree tinge that you are  so fascinated about is nothing big to worry about, even at your age you can go to senior class for free and may not have to spend over 20 years like Vish to get a degree. Many of us here on GNI got our degrees at a young age, some of us cares less, my certificates/degrees are in some folder in a desk drawer.

Dr Ali's credentials are the least for you to worry over and over again, tell the masters you have address the issue several times and soon becoming a laughing stock on GNI. Try not to take degree personal.

The people who post the information on FB, have more clout than you.No one needs to know what you have ,you aren't under scrutiny.

There is no envy, Guyana needs leaders with CREDIBILITY.

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