Reply to "AFC `hijacked’ by pro-PNC faction- Henry Jeffrey"

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1. Many agree that the PPP should look for a new leader. However, that will be decided by the membership,of the PPP. As far as I can remember, Jagdeo got the most votes at the last PPP congress. What does that tell you what you have to do?

2. Many said that the PPP would have lost massively at the last elections. Jagdeo played a large role in the campaign. Well, they were proven wrong and the PPP came within one vote of winning enough seats to form a majority government.

3. This thread was about the AFC being hijacked by the PNC element. Django did a great job of diverting you all from the topic and led you to a discussion of the PPP. He played you all for suckers, if I can be allowed for being mildly rude for once.

4. Who are the pro PNC oligarchs in the AFC? Is Trottman one of them? We still do not know what was discussed and what was the plan developed between Trottman and Granger at the meeting in the Bahamas.

5. If the current situation is part if the plan, then all those who supported the AFC were duped, betrayed by the PRo PNC oligarchs in the AFC . Furthermore, both Moses and ramjattan, eager for power, were duped by this Pro PNC elements in the AFC.

Both Moses and Ramjattan should resign out of respect for Guyanese Indians. 

Priya Manichand had said, "we know, you all doan like us", meaning blacks doan like cooolie people. Today, I agree with her. A call to any government agency will soon quality her sattement. If is a black man at the other end of phone and a coolie on the end, the conversation becomes confrontational-as if the coolie has no business to do with Guyana. I witnessed this behaviour some years ago when some black government folks came to meet with the diaspora in Toronto.

Jagdeo and the PPP is a people who endured PNC wrong doings as children growing up in Guyana. I now, also understands their behaviour. 

Indians will have a very difficult time in Guyana. And those Indians who are free, they should pay heed to what is going on with their people. 

So it's all about the PPP and East Indians,and the rest who doesn't conform with the them,can go to hell.

No wonder that Country is Politically screwed.