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Reply to "AFC bows to reduced role to secure Coalition with APNU"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
Labba posted:

AFC should join wid Badal dat would be wan combination. 

Already hook up with APNU for the second round. I don't think the small parties will get many votes.

We shall find out.

Django that Coalition along with Shuman will put PPP and APNU to the test only if AFC ministers were not afraid of been without a job. 

Me thinks some Ministry position gone [will have review the press conference ] , also they lost two MPs' . Don't think the AFC wants to tie bundle with the new parties , those parties may not pull many votes, they come too late .

Majority of  Guyanese voters are stuck voting for PPP and PNC ,they need to change their mindset .

Made the post below in 2015 , still waiting to see the changes !!! Notice a party with young people emerged , to close to election , they should have thought about years earlier.

skeldon_man posted:

Django is a closet PPP supporter. He doesn't want to be harassed by some of these PNC thugs here. He doesn't want to hide under his bed. Django Bhai, dis ah Amrika, you get justus hey. Nah frikken dem blackman and blackman supportah.  Dem ah krismuss blo blo.

Skelly..i am here a while and was not posting , i try to be cool with every one,i am Indo Guyanese to the bone and not afraid of no one big or small,i see every one as humans if someone erred and i can assist i surely do it,my friends say i am a crazy fella.

I was always a PPP supporter until recently i withdraw my support,i back the coalition for one specific reason i detest one party rule in any country,it open avenues for authoritarian rule,Guyana politically is divided by thin line,i hope one day the people abandon the race based voting,show the two  dinosaurs who is the boss,the country need a new party with young blood who have visions to develop the country,too much old farts sitting around twiddling their thumbs and collect huge salary.The country will never see massive development not in my life time.I ain't no spring chicken.

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