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Lets talk about systems that will make our party system better and our democracy better. It is quite foolish to avoid that where these vile practices have influences and begin blaming other races for our plight

I keep on telling you that the problem in Guyana isnt political?  Just a few weeks ago black people were cussing down APNU for confining their dealings with people like BK and Muneshwar.  They boycotted the LGE.

They dont care who runs the country politically.  They just want to be sure that this is fair and they dont see the PPP as being fair.  They also do not see Indian owned companies in Guyana as being fair.

All of this rage isnt because they care about Granger, Volda or Trotman and whether they lose their jobs or not.  In fact if a PPP presented itself with a Frank Anthony and a Clinton Urling they may give them a chance to prove themselves.


All I can suggest is that an interim gov't is put in place to handle the day to day affairs of the nation. This can occur after March 20th.  This interim gov't should be administered by a body with equal representation from the Coalition and the PPP. Equal because they can either fight with each other, or they can cooperate.

Such body should have as its priority engaging Civil Society with the task of drafting a new constitution.  They should NOT be involved in this task. Civic Society should be drawn from as broad a net of entities to ensure full representation of all ethnicities, occupations, religions, regions, and social classes.

Once a draft constitution is developed than this managing group can opine on it and return it back to the drafting committee if they feel that its incomplete.  Once they are satisfied then it goes to referendum, and within a stipulated period then elections can be held.

I also suggest that parallel to this a body be set up to study ethnic issues and again shouldn't include politicians. The issues of the Indian, African and Amerindians should be addressed as well as the growing Latin American population.    We need to have an updated analysis of this problem so that we stop using theories based on the early 1960s civil war. Guyana is not what it was in 1964.

You can tell me all you want but like you I have been schooled by the best and can analyze the society for myself. It is pure nonsense that our problem is in the blame game and the woe is me game. That is the symptom. 

I dare you to find one example in the global compendium of conflict transformation strategies where the strategy was to act on the people and not the processes and procedures around which the society is organized. I care little for Indian and black black racists if they cannot affect me and get away with it.

BTW conflict transformation also does no begin with the blame game. Actually it is a clean slate process. It imagines an idealized state where the people with all their burdens can live minus the parts that would destroy each other if they express them.

Your strategy is what Dr Hinds and my nemesis Eric Phillips present as solutions from way back in 2000. I see no problem with it except as Hinds noted there must be a finite duration of this administration ie a year in which time a full fledged constitution would birth a new way of governing our people. Phillips even have a novel elections strategy.