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Whether you like it or care to admit it or not Black culture is also semi closed. It may be because they share a society with a non exogamous culture and bear the social commentary of lesser than from slave societies and that carry the burden of housing our cross cultural siblings of the two major races. 

Again trying to claim that because Indians are one way blacks must be the same way.

1. In Guyana we have a phenomenon. No one can tell you who is black and who is mixed. Benschop says that he is mixed but Granger claims a black identity. So where is this closed culture

2. Do we have an "African" culture in Guyana?  No we do not, and in fact few Afro Guyanese even have the slightest interest in Africa.

3. The bulk of the mixed people in Guyana are part black.  Blacks dont have a history of rejecting their mixed relatives or disowning people because they marry outside of the race.

Racism is a fact among blacks, but claiming that its because they are closed is a joke. Maybe because they bought so much into the colonial hierarchy that put Amerindians at the bottom more like it.

Until recently middle class blacks wanted to have nothing to do with the more African aspects of Afro Guyanese culture and there was much admiration for "advancing" the race.  And you know what "good hair" is.

If blacks have a problem its that they dont have an ethnic identity strong enough to protect themselves against that very powerful Indian identity.  They dont support each other in the way that Indians do.  An Indian will support a person because that person is an Indian, and I have seen this with my own eyes. It wouldn't even dawn on a black Guyanese to support a fellow black, such thinking only beginning to develop when they arrive in the USA.

You are again reading what is not there. My way does not care what way people are when I look at the problem. I care that the solution is to prevent them from poisoning the society. You ...believe it or not...poison the society as much as Ugli. You want him to change at his expense. That is bullox. Societies do not transform because we transform people first. We transform the the system and the system coerces them to palatable practices

I also do not give a damn who is what. Ugli says he is Brahamin...what do I care of it? Others say they are genetically superior ( a laugh) and why should I care?

Blacks can be as racist as ever but I do not care. I care that their racism does not affect me. Burnham, and Granger has affected my people and so has Jagdeo. They can because they foster the system that is to their  advantage and to our disadvantage 

I want to tear that down. I do not care to hear you whining about how Indians disadvantage blacks or  from Indians how blacks are the bane of their existence. I want a nation where communitarian ends are achievable and  bigots can go in your corner and nurse their racism as a precious baby if they please because they can only affect the system in holistic ways that benefits all.