Reply to "Are the PPP and the PNC an insular parties"

caribny posted:
D2 posted:

 Black centric and indo centric are group terms we use to tar and feather each other for presumed indignities suffered at each other hands..

You need to stop finding moral equivalency.  The Indo Nazis dont merely advocate for Indians and they have no need to as ronan, iguana, caribny and others will NOT argue against their claims.

What they do is claim "black man cannot run a mauby shop" (as if the PPP can), and stigmatize blacks as being criminal, violent, lazy and useless.  

Does anyone here stigmatize Indians as cunning, money obsessed and immoral people who lack integrity?  This being the stereotype that blacks have of Indians?  No!

I do not know of any Indo Nazi and I was incubated, and raised in an indian cultural world most of my early life.  You are letting your imagination take the best part of you.

Yes, I know Indian racists are everywhere.  I can also say that there is a cultural part to that racism as they erect cultural boundaries and invest it in their women. Those  those poor girls as designated purveyor of the cultural mores,  carry that heavy investment all their lives. Indians  are not an exogamous culture. Most cultures of the world are not. They can be racist all they want if we have systems to prevent the  projection of  it into the system in ways that disadvantages the rest of us. 

The opposite is true of Amerindians. They are an open culture with no taboo against cross cultural mixing. They remain the most intermixed culture beginning with the Spanish and the Dutch and Portuguese and now Indians and blacks. Their culture remains intact only because they are shunned by both blacks and Indians. The Portuguese are the only culture that took us as kin.

Whether you like it or care to admit it or not Black culture is also semi closed. It may be because they share a society with a non exogamous culture and bear the social commentary of lesser than from slave societies and that carry the burden of housing our cross cultural siblings of the two major races. But it is a fact blacks have serious problems with Indians and don't care about Amerindians.

This being said who the hell cares who hate whom? Why should any one in the society put constrains on another in their social life if it does not concern them? That is the point. 

If we had institutions that prevent  racism from mediating social and political decisions the cultural problems even themselves out. Despite our problems with each other we do have almost a fifth of our population who manage to be because there is inevitable cultural mixing.

We all experience the colonial crucible and however more or less the burdens of that experience also cannot impact how we conduct ourselves in a world where we want to foster democracy and grow a nation. 

I do not give a crap if Ugli thinks he is rich ( comparatively speaking he is not) or if he thinks his Brahmin's genes is superior or if he thinks himself smarter. Those are his prejudices and he owns them. In this society he cannot leverage his racism against us. That is because the ground is a bit level here and we can just laugh off his pretentious claims.

Similarly, that is the socio political ethos we have to create. Indians and blacks and Amerindians can maintain their insular practices among themselves or think as nasty things as is conceivable but they cannot use it to leverage unfair advantages in the society. I do not care  who apologizes or who is nasty. 

It is how the system is arranged not who likes you. Whites do not care for us in general in this society but we co exist. No one can say they have social priority in the general sense even if in legacy institutional ways they may. We take it for granted we can excel. That is what we need to do at home and get off the sach cloth and ashes syndrome of woe is me because someone does not like me.

As for moral equivalence...what do you want me to say...a lie...all of us suck or our nation would not be as crappy as it is.!