Reply to "Are the PPP and the PNC an insular parties"

Iguana posted:
That Carib sees it as a prerequisite to forming policies and resolving the racist climate is something I disagree with. I do not see the 2 as mutually exclusive. They are both necessary and can be achieved together.

I actually see that as two simultaneous activities.  

What is needed is an analysis of the contemporary reasons for ethnic angst.  This not being "dialogue between the races" as I dont consider either blacks nor Indians to be monolithic, nor do I think that either has unique spokespeople credible enough to advocate for them.

We need to know why this ethnic angst.  Now all of us on GNI have our opinions but a broader view is needed. Also given that in 2012 only 70% of the population identifies as "African" or "East Indian" then clearly the Amerindians, and others need to be factored in.  Inclusive of our emerging Latin population as more Brazilians, Cubans and Venezuelans begin to live in Guyana. 

Also who are these "mixed" identified people and to what extent does this self description impact their ethno political behavior?  Within a generation mixed identified people will be the largest "ethnic" bloc.

While all of this is being undertaken we need to have a serious review of the constitution as it is increasingly inadequate.  The PPP in 1992, and the Coalition in 2015 promised to deal with this and neither did. Anil Nandlall wrote some nonsense a while back, screaming that the PPP revised the constitution, but clearly if it did Guyanese weren't involved, because most insist that it needs revision.

We should not allow politicians to develop this new constitution.  Guyanese have very weak civil society. We move about as individuals in an opportunistic way, leaving every thing for the politicians and then we blame them when they behave as politicians all over the world behave. 

A committee should be developed consisting of representatives from the length and breadth of Guyana. It ensure that the diversity of Guyanese as defined by its ethnicity, its religions, its occupations, and its geographic regions should be involved. No political parties should be part of this process.  This to ensure that some cozy arrangement to protect the interests of two corrupt, incompetent and race based entities is dumped on the nation.

In the interim I think that we should serious consider some sort of gov't of national unity until such a constitution be agreed upon, subject of course to referendum. 50:50 so that they will both have to cooperate to get things done, or waste time fighting and undermining their credibility, without getting anything done.

The constitution committee should have a fixed time to complete their task.  After a referendum is held and the constitution adapted and voted in by parliament then an election can be held.  The hope is that this will be the first election which isnt a tribal war.  It shouldn't be because by then we should understand why our ethnic angst and we should have a constitutional framework and a system of governance that allows Guyana to function.

I dont know what D2 is talking about because he is very vague but I do know that in places where measures were  put in place without recognition of the underlying issues all that happened was that plaster was placed on a septic sore. South Africa being case in point.