Reply to "Are the PPP and the PNC an insular parties"

cain posted:
ksazma posted:

Why isn't anyone seeking that the PNC brings in an Indian with decision making powers. Cribby is asking for the PPP to put up a black for their Presidential candidate. Why isn't he asking that the PNC put up an Indian as their Presidential candidate? He said that Sam Hinds was a token black. So what is Nagamootoo? Isn't he a token Indian too?

Perhaps he does not give a shit about the PNC, he has spoken out against them on occasion has he not?

I see it as the man giving good advice but somehow you guys dont get it.

Same goes when he speaks AGAINST the injustices to East Indians and Blacks by both PPP and PNC but that is not enough, no, East Indians were all angels...fluttering around minding their own business when suddenly they are attacked by bad black people oh my oh my. 

Enter Siggy DaLiared ..Oh ma Lawd even Putagee people bad, dem hate Indian people, I know because ...look yeh ...jus because.

Tek de bigger half an Lef de lil half.

Thanks for repeating this. NONE of the blacks posting here deny that the PNC hasn't been guilty of racism towards Indians, and by extension blacks on the whole displaying insensitivity.

What we are not allowed to talk about is Indian racism.

Look at Gilbakka, who pretends as if he is a non racial Indian. Refuses to engage in any discussion about what the PPP can do to reduce the fear that blacks have of an Indian gov't.

And yes Gilbakka I am seeing real fear and anger at this point.  So continue to think that you all can roam through Bourda Market with some nonentity Negro who no one knows.  You did this in 2001, 2006, and in 2011. In 2015 you all sent out your House Negroes to tell blacks that they are lazy and stupid because they refuse to vote for the PPP.