Reply to "Are the PPP and the PNC an insular parties"

D2 posted:

You can tell me all you want but like you I have been schooled by the best and can analyze the society for myself. It is pure nonsense that our problem is in the blame game and the woe is me game. That is the symptom. 

I dare you to find one example in the global compendium of conflict transformation strategies where the strategy was to act on the people and not the processes and procedures around which the society is organized. I care little for Indian and black black racists if they cannot affect me and get away with it.

BTW conflict transformation also does no begin with the blame game. Actually it is a clean slate process. It imagines an idealized state where the people with all their burdens can live minus the parts that would destroy each other if they express them.

Your strategy is what Dr Hinds and my nemesis Eric Phillips present as solutions from way back in 2000


It is a blame game and a woe is me game. I have NEVER seen a Guyanese forum where ethnicities of posters isnt easily discerned by what they write.  THAT is the starting point.  The challenge is to move it BEYOND that point.  Ksazma has no interest in listening to black people and there are many blacks no more interested in listening to him. This is where we are and to pretend that it isnt is nonsense.

You and I are advanced middle aged men who left Guyana decades ago. I am not going to tell Guyanese what to do or what their problems are. I will simply tell them to establish structures so that the type of dialogue that is needed can occur.

And can you tell me where I demand that one ethnic group should be assigned priority simply because they arrived before the others and did so involuntarily and under duress?  Comparing me to Eric Phillips is blatantly dishonest.

And in fact I am discussing a PROCESS and a framework to allow this. The only difference is that I have some degree of respect for people who currently live in Guyana, whereas you clearly do not. So you want to impose on them a process and then rage when it doesnt work.

I suggest that they lock themselves in two rooms, one to deal with the ethnic issue and another to deal with the constitution. And that some neutral governing structure be established while all of this happens.  And because neither the PPP or the Coalition can be trusted to behave that a body with equal representation be established, so neither can seek to one up the other and they will have to cooperate or achieve nothing.