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Reply to "Ad against investment crossed a line."

The dark forces are at work

Dear Editor,

I take the opportunity to commend the multitude of investors who have swarmed Guyana this week for seeing through the infantile attempt at scaring them away via a wicked newspaper advertisement.
The desperate, negativist forces have sunken to an all-time low.
They waited for the day when Guyana’s largest oil and gas conference opened in session to pay for a half page advertisement in local newspapers urging investors to spend their money elsewhere.
Anywhere else in the world this would be condemned as highly unpatriotic, anti-national and even economic terrorism. But do these desperate forces of the dark care? Money and power by any means is their ambition.
Guyanese and visitors would have read the advertisement and it must have occurred to them that there is a wicked, unpatriotic and vile opposition force in the land that is prepared to chase away foreign investors simply because it would not have control of Guyana’s oil and gas sector. Oil and gas have everything to do with that advertisement urging visitors to boycott our own country. How abhorrent!
Guyanese must take note of the depths and lengths the known forces are prepared to go just to disrupt the economy. This includes encouragement for investors to boycott the country.
This strikes a familiar chord with previous salvos. Who was prepared to give away some of Guyana’s sea space to Venezuela just to settle Venezuela’s decades-old claims to Guyana’s marine and land space?
These two alone should signal to Guyanese how unpatriotic and how anti-national these forces are. On the one hand there is an incessant drumbeat that the Government must find thousands of jobs for Guyanese and on the other hand dark forces are attempting to scare away investors who are here to seek opportunities to create thousands of jobs for Guyanese.
Shame on these forces.

Earl Hamilton.