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Reply to "A Victory For Common Sense. Supreme Court Declares A Fundamental Right to Marry. Cousin Cobra and Aunty Kneeru to Wed."

Originally Posted by Django:
Originally Posted by VVP:
Originally Posted by Shaitaan:
I invite you two saltwater Yankees to take a read of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Equal Protection Clause guarantees equal protection of the law for all Americans.

The word "marriage" may not be there but if the right to marry is a fundamental right then everyone enjoys said right equally and may not be deprived of it without Due Process.

In other words, a gay person is entitled to be treated the same as a straight person.

If you lot are against gay marriage, do what I do. Don't marry gay people! It really is that simple.

Like I said, I don't care a rass if they marry and bugga one another 100 times a day BUT they should not have children living in the house.

I agree with you on this one,I have seen some with kids.

I have seen some heterosexuals with children and wonder why were they ever given the power to procreate.