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May 15, 2019 News, Kaieteur, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-to-indian-guyanese/

By Donald Ramotar, Former President

the cleaning of trenches.

“For a long while, Africans remained the specialist shovel men, but a report on the digging of the new canal aback of the Plantation Annandale in 1895 drew attention to the…fact that the task was accomplished by Indian immigrants…”. In the process they had to move hundreds of thousands tons of water logged

The attack on Indians and the violence meted out against them at that time was a colonial project in which the PNC collaborated to create conditions to prevent Guyana from becoming independent.


The shutting down of sugar estates in which some 70% of the employees were Indian Guyanese, with no real justifiable reason, is a reflection of the way all Indians are treated in our multi-ethnic society. The leadership of the Government has made a mockery of our national motto.

Since the arrival of Indians on our shores they have been deliberately barred from some sectors of the society. This is in the public service and in the security sector. This is not an accident but a deliberate, racist policy, continued from the time of colonialism.

They were denied places in the security forces in the colonial times because they worked in the most important section of the economy, sugar. The colonial masters did not want them there since they were brutally exploited in the fields and factories in the sugar industry.

Today they continue to be excluded because the colonialist before and the PNC now, succeeded in creating fear in the African-Guyanese population. The message is that Indians are a threat to their jobs and well-being.

It is the old tactic of divide and rule. A small elite, in colonial times a white elite, and now a mainly Black elite live the ‘good life’ at the expense of both Africa and Indian working people.

All Guyanese, including the Afro-Guyanese population, must fight against all forms of racial discrimination. This is necessary, not only because racism is morally wrong but also because in the final analysis the whole country will suffer the negative consequences of such a policy.


1.  I do not recall Ramotar or the PPP writing any commentary on Afro Guyanese other than a condescending attitude to these "poor victims of slavery" or alternatively damning them as violent savages committed only to raping, robbing and killing Indians.  Left to the PPP we would bge ignorant of the strong contributions to the development of Guyana that was made by Guyanese of African descent.

So why does the PPP describe itself as "multi-ethnic" and then give such a one sided analysis of Guyanese history?

And then none other than Rohee screamed that his daughter wasn't racist when she described blacks as "low class people".  He did not see where the racism in that comment was.

2.  The PPP showed no consideration at all for selling its bauxite companies knowing full well that the result would be massively unemployment of the majority African labor force.  To this day they admit no guilt and scream that former bauxite workers have nothing to scream about.

3.  Ramotar completely shyts on the recollections of the 1960s which Afro Guyanese will have, including peddling the lies about X13 when in fact it was the PYO which killed people on the Son Chapman. Showing no interest in admitting that there are many other perspectives of this era than those that he adheres to.

Having insulted Afro Guyanese who then screams that Afro Guyanese ought to condemn discrimination.  100% of the discrimination that he describes is that suffered by 100%.  100% of the post colonial discriminations that he describes he blames Afro Guyanese for.

Yes he will cloak his blatant bigotry and HATRED of Afro Guyanese by ranting about "working class solidarity" but where was the compassion for the bauxite workers after 2000 when Jagdeo dumped them into starvation?