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Reply to "60 days later and APNU is clueless"

Originally Posted by Shaitaan:
Originally Posted by yuji22:

Please add to the list. 


BTW, no corruption charges laid against any PPP minister. 


Was APNU bluffing or did APNU pulled off the biggest con job in Guyana's history ?


It's gonna be hard for APNU to tief if they create precedents of Ministers being sent to jail for tiefing.


Give it a year and APNU will start the tiefing. This is the principal reason why no PPP Minister will be jailed. They will use the info to embarrass the PPP but not jail them.


Look for abbe APNU Jaat bais to tief on a lil mo sophisticated level.

Tell us something we do not know...


A prick like you can't see pass your nose.