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Reply to "2020 Democrats defend Kamala Harris after Donald Trump Jr. tweet about her race"

caribny posted:
Stormborn posted:

Kamala is on the ticket as President or VP. That is a fact jack given how this is playing out. Two white men cannot head the ticket.

This will be a white woman (Warren?) with Cory or a white man (will not say who at this time) with Kamala.  There cannot be two men or two women are two whites running.

The Dems will have to end the Civil War between the centrists and the progressives.  They only won back the House because of the centrists and the progressives are to visible now to be ignored.

So this is why the gender/ethnic balancing act.

Btw Biden isn't electable as his performance was to weak in the debate.  Unless he redeems himself in the next two debates he is toast.  As is he is only a stand-in because the others aren't seen as beating Trump.  But as they become better known many fears of this will dissipate.

My prediction is that the two old white men will bow out before the CA primaries.  Unless the others implode.

Trump gon maul them.  If they cannot split the Trump base then woo the undecided, they lose. This is what Biden is attempting.

With his base intact, keep the economy going, make some deal with NK, Trump home free.

I believe Trump is working out a deal with NK which will come to fruitful a month prior to elections.   NK will play ball and if re-elected, Trump will reward them with a non-aggression treaty and lifting of sanctions!

After that, a Trump Tower will rise over Pyongyang!  Trump is clever.