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Reply to "2020 Democrats defend Kamala Harris after Donald Trump Jr. tweet about her race"

caribny posted:
Baseman posted:

Trump gon maul them.  If they cannot split the Trump base then woo the undecided, they lose. This is what Biden is attempting.

With his base intact, keep the economy going, make some deal with NK, Trump home free.

I believe Trump is working out a deal with NK which will come to fruitful a month prior to elections.   NK will play ball and if re-elected, Trump will reward them with a non-aggression treaty and lifting of sanctions!

After that, a Trump Tower will rise over Pyongyang!  Trump is clever.

Do you live in the USA.  Do you know that Trump won the election (based on the Electoral College) by a mere 70k votes and that 40% of the whites voted for Hillary?

Do you know that since then Trump has lost some support among college educated whites and suburban women?  Do you know that losing the House suggests that he will lose the election next year, especially when one considers that the mid terms had a far higher turnout than normal.

The Dems will lose if they elect some lefty white candidate who thinks that Canadians and Swedes are voting for them.  If they elect a centrist and the platform represents a compromise between the centrist and the progressive wings its likely that the Dems will win.

No non white candidate will be a lefty because nonwhites are practical people who support centrists and for this person to win they will have to have massive non white support.  Who do blacks support now?  Biden and Harris, both centrists (though Harris is pretending that she isn't).  Sanders and Warren only get blacktivist support.

If the platform is based on modifying the ACA to include a Public Option (and not canceling private insurance which is where most Americans get coverage).   Also on focusing on reducing healthcare costs. The Dems could win.

 If border policy is based on enforcing existing immigration laws but also displaying humane treatment for those applying for asylum and also focusing on DACA then the Dems stand a good chance.

If the Dem plank is 100% single payer and "open borders" then they lose. What the Dems will have to understand is that while more than 50% of Americans despise Trump they despise "socialism" even more.

Despite her screams AOC will NEVER be president unless she plans to relocate to Cuba or Venezuela.

We will see!