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Reply to "2020 Democrats defend Kamala Harris after Donald Trump Jr. tweet about her race"

seignet posted:
Stormborn posted:
VishMahabir posted:

I dont think Biden will survive. If he does, Trump will crush him. Biden has too much baggage due to his longevity in politics. His competitors will exploit his record. 

This whole issue about busing as a way to integrate neighborhoods in America has been a failure. This does not excuse Biden's tacit accommodation with southern racist congressmen. 

I find it interesting that Ms. Harris, who I like and believe might be the democratic nominee, see herself as "Black". Her mother, I believe was Indian, while her father is Jamaican. I believe emphasizing her "blackness" is a political move to steer Blacks away from Biden. She is therefore exploiting her "blackness", but this is all well and good in politics.

Why should she not see herself as black? She is not white so that is the counter point that proves the case. It is only the alt right that thinks black means coming from slaves. Black Jamaicans did not come in as plantation owners and slave holders.

She was active in school government and even then accepted by her peers at an HBCU for what she was; black and american who lived the reality of black culture and black life with all that it brings inclusive of segregation and busing.

We were not friends at school but she was always cordial and genteel. How the ***k can you exploit your blackness when that is what you are if you have black blood? White people had t he one drop rule for blackness when it was convenient to discriminate so now they chose to redefine what it is to be black. What a lood of bullshit! This is sheer Alt Right nastiness that Obama faced. 

Imagine if someone said an indian was not indian because their parents were from Fiji or Guyana? 

Try telling an Indian that Guyanese are Indians. The answer is not likeable.

One of those knuckle head India Indians told me that I know lots about his country.