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Same old bucket

Reza R.  Rahaman
It is said that the job of vice president of the United States is not worth a bucket of warm shit. In Guyana, Moses Nagamottoo is the vice president and his job has been reduced to a very menial position. Now, Kemraj Ramjattan is next in line for such a portfolio. Should the PNC/AFC Partnership succeed in the next election, Kemraj's will be in the same bucket. Be careful Mr. Ramjattan, your next job might well be worth a bucket of warm shit.Read More...
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Please help this couple

I appeal to my fellow posters, friend and foe alike, to join me in a noble effort for a wonderful couple who has entertained us on GNI for quite some time. Today, ladies and gents, Baseman and Bibi need your help. I urge you to give generously to purchase some tutoring lessons so both of them can learn how to use the quote feature. Baseman is a CMA, CPA, 3rd form prodigy of Covent Garden high school, administrator of charities that help our folks in the homeland, a mover and shaker, and...Read More...
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June 16 2019 Source Shaleeza Khan, General Manager of Guyana Publications Incorporated (GPI), the publisher of the Stabroek News and Sunday Stabroek newspapers, says the company has been treated unfairly by the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA), which recently denied its application for a primary zone radio licence. Khan’s comments were made following the receipt of a letter from the GNBA informing her that the company’s application for a radio licence for the operation of a...Read More...
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Corruption allegations against senior cop grow -as lawmen continue to speak out over activities in Berbice June 16 2019 Source Another police rank has levelled major allegations against a member of the Guyana Police Force leadership, whom he says has been running corruption rackets in ‘B’ Division (Berbice). The rank, who has seniority, told Sunday Stabroek that he opted to speak out after he saw junior ranks breaking their silence on the state of affairs in the division, where the senior...Read More...
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AFC picks Ramjattan to be leader, PM candidate

Walk to victory? Newly elected Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan (at right) is greeted by Director of Public Information and party executive Imran Khan after his arrival for the party’s National Conference at St. Paul’s Retreat Centre, at Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. Apart from being unanimously elected as leader, Ramjattan was also selected by party delegates to be the nominee for Prime Minister in APNU+AFC’s slate for the upcoming...Read More...
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Ramjattan to be AFC PM candidate

Following his reappointment hours earlier as Alliance For Change (AFC) leader, Khemraj Ramjattan has received the majority support of delegates at the party’s National Executive Conference (NEC) to be the prime ministerial candidate for governing coalition at the next elections. A motion on the selection of the prime ministerial candidate was considered at the NEC, which is still ongoing. ...Read More...
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Ramjattan unanimously returned as AFC leader, Trotman as Chairman Staff Editor 1 h ago One of the fliers distributed at the AFC’s NEC to mobilise support for Khemraj Ramjattan’s bid to be the coalition’s prime ministerial candidate Khemraj Ramjattan has been unanimously selected as the new leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC) at the party’s ongoing National Executive Conference (NEC), where he is also hoping to win support as its proposed Prime Ministerial candidate for the APNU+AFC...Read More...
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A big fish tale

A big fish tale: Calgary men catch 800-pound sturgeon Terry Jacobson and his friends reeled in 11-foot-long sturgeon on B.C.'s Fraser River CBC News · Posted: Jun 14, 2019 1:10 PM MT | Last Updated: June 14 , From left: Alex Kirk, Tom Kirk and Terry Jacobson pose with their massive sturgeon on the Fraser River. (Sturgeon Hunter/Fraser River Charters) Three men from Calgary caught a fish that...Read More...

The Stinking Corruption

By this PNc Govt is the WORST on the Planet. I did not think that I would live to see a Guyana WORST than the Bunham era BUT I was wrong. THe current PARASITES are worst than leeches, termites and pick pockets!! The CHANGE Guyana got!! The Sloppers will come up with excuses, they were born and then trained to be naive, dumb, stupid, obedient to the end!!!!Read More...
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I was at many of the protests, including the funeral. The clip at 6:30, that was me lying on the street after a couple lashes! The crowd was getting agitated as Dr Kumar, Gordon Todd and others were arrested. We were at the chauk in front Guyana Stores. The police charged from the Water Street end of Guyana Stores into the protestors send us running towards Forgarty's. I received several lashes and the one to the face/head brought me down. I got dizzy. I was seen feeling my head and face as...Read More...
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Shaming the Race-Baiters: Barbados is latest Caricom Country with Visa-Free agreement with Ghana

Ghana to provide Barbados with 400 nurses By Stabroek News On June 15, 2019 In Barbados News | (Barbados Nation) Barbados’ acute nursing shortage could soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to the government of the Republic of Ghana, the island should soon have more than enough registered nurses to fill the void that has been a bugbear for the medical health sector for decades. The good news was revealed after Prime Minister Mia Mottley and president of Ghana, Nana Akufu-Addo, held talks...Read More...
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Outright theft of Guyanese oilfields by PPP middlemen rivals the worst Crimes of Obiang Nguema in Equatorial Guinea

https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...ial-exxon-agreement/ the ill-focused prattle of under-intelligent, under-informed 'reporting' by simple-minded, fellow-traveling 'independent' media is a monument to self harm . . . or worse unaware that the heavy noise here by the PPP/Jagdeo, the 'civil society' corruptocrats (GCCI take a bow) and their smartman acolytes (Tarron and Roberto P. that means you) is purposed to shift attention from outright THEFT of two vast oilfields ( CANJE block/KAIETEUR...Read More...
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