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To today ISIS killed 63 muslims in Kabul and injured about 200. How dumb can they be , muslims killing muslims. Don’t be surprised they...

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I think, a reeeeeeallly reeeeally OLD MAN should be voted as Presdent. He doan need to steal and he cerainly may have the wisdom and...

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Freddy was probably asleep during the DAAG rein. Jagdeo make some mistakes BUT comparing the DAAG to Jagdei is the same as comparing...

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Re: Amral
I am thinking of FB page that highlight GNI, the GNI forum will be a link on FB.

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A Facebook page for GNI is a terrible idea. Given that GNI is filled with cut throats and Facebook is usually peoples' true identity, it...

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The sick insisting they are sane while a contagion is what is seen. I know Guyanese go legally and illegally to FG. I went legally there...