Whim meeting proved Nagamootoo an elections non factor

Whim meeting proved Nagamootoo an elections non factor - PPP/C Campaign Spokesman

Written by Vanessa Narine
Friday, 11 November 2011 03:42
Source - Guyana Chronicle

Minister Robert Persaud

THE public meeting at Whim, Corentyne, Berbice,is proof that ex-People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) member, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo is a non factor in the upcoming elections, campaign Spokesman Robert Persaud declared yesterday.

Speaking at the press briefing in Freedom House, Robb Street, Georgetown, he said that event puts to rest the assertion that Nagamootoo can take votes from the PPP/C in the area, simply because it is his home village.

The reaction from thousands present was negative, with the gathering shouting slogans such as ‘No place for Naga’ and ‘Naga is a disgrace to Whim’, effectively demolishing his standing and influence in the community, Persaud reported.

He said those who “sponsored”, exaggerating the term, Nagamootoo’s migration from the PPP/C, are in for a surprise.

“They will be shocked at his impact on voters…the people of Whim and neighbouring communities have spoken…he is a non factor in the elections,” Persaud reiterated.

He maintained that the outcome of the meeting was very telling.

Moses Nagamootoo

Asked why Nagamootoo’s defection continues to attract the attention of the incumbent party, Persaud replied that the matter was addressed initially in a four paragraph response.

However, he said, since then sections of the media have made the matter a bigger issue and, by doing so, have elevated Nagamootoo’s significance.

“The media is making him an issue…we said, from the beginning, that Nagamootoo was not a threat…it is just another person leaving….what has happened is not new and we have weathered this before,” Persaud noted.


He said, while he would much rather not deal with Nagamootoo at his press conferences, it would be disrespectful not to answer questions posed by members of the media.

After leaving, Nagamootoo has hit back at the party he called home for 50 years, lashing out at what he calls a betrayal of the legacy of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who founded the party.

As part of his searing attack on the current Administration, Nagamootoo, at an Alliance for Change (AFC) rally, said: “A true son stands up to wrong in a house and I had decided that I was no longer a part of this defecated place that they had almost turned it into.”

Persaud pointed out, though, that Nagamootoo had left the PPP/C before, in 1964, when he joined the Justice Party, which joined with the PNC to remove the Cheddi Jagan government.

“His grounding and relevance to the party structure and membership is very insignificant,” Persaud stated.

He said, while the PPP/C is a democratic body, it will not tolerate attacks from Nagamootoo who has done nothing for the party over the last decade.

“We respect people’s right to be associated with any political party, but not when you go to another political party and try to rewrite history and create facts to justify your betrayal. You have exercised your right. So lift your head up and move on. You cannot try to rewrite history,” Persaud said.


Questioned about Nagamootoo’s placement in the National Assembly, in light of the fact that he has been a non-contributor to the party in the last decade, Persaud said the PPP/C believes there is a role for everyone to play.

He said the party values the contributions of stalwarts, as well as respects them and, at the same time, moves have been made to increase their participation.

“It is in this mode of reaching out and respecting our stalwarts that he (Nagamootoo) would have played a role…we do not have a rule in our party that, if you do not do something we think you should do we will throw you out. We hope that, over time, one would have recognised that they can play a part and try to be much more involved. We are a democratic party. We do not kick people out because we feel you are not doing enough work,” Persaud said.

He pointed out that political parties have members that perform at different levels of activism and this must be accommodated.

The Campaign Spokesman explained that the PPP/C is an inclusive party, open to those wanting to contribute to Guyana’s development.

“We are open. We do not chase people, unlike others. We are inclusive not exclusive. We are the only national party and, if you look at our history and the history of Guyana, you would see that we are about reaching out, building national unity,” he said.

Persaud repeated that Nagamootoo is a non factor in the elections and that persons wanting to contribute in a constructive manner, to the development and transformation of Guyana, are welcome to join forces with the PPP/C, whose vision will guide the country to greater heights.
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