The passing of Mr Hardeo Gopie of Uitvlugt

Namaste and Respectful Greetings to all.


The Soul of Shri Hardeo Gopie, formerly of  Uitvlugt and Brampton, has parted from his mortal body today May 19th at around 9.00am in Brampton Canada. As the family is occupied with arrangements for his rites, please bear with them as a further announcement will be made.

Pandit Hardeo Gopie was a pillar in the Arya Samaj movement and has contributed greatly and passionately to the upliftment of this community and the propagation of Vedic Philosophy, and now through his children’s involvement has taken it to international levels. World renowned Vedic Missionary Dr. Satish Prakash has established the first Gurukula in New York City and commands a large following around the world.

The late Tulsia (Sampat) Rambahal, Born Feb 1929 was the wife of Pandit Hardeo Gopie - Passed August 14th 2014.


Pandit Gopie was 90 years old and the father of 7 children:

Indira Sukhraj of, Triumph and Brampton

Rajendra Prakash of Miami

Dr. Satish Prakash, Maharishi Dayananda Gurukul - NYC

Jagdish Prakash - Brampton

Bhoopendra Prakash - Virginia

Shruti Bhushan Prakash - Brampton

Chitra Prakash - Brampton

Pandit Gopie's home is at 78 El Camino Way, Brampton, Ontario. Please join the family at the 78 El Camino home for wake this evening. 


Funeral arrangements to be announced.


Raj Chandrapal

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Arrangements are as follows:

Friday May 19th. 2017 Wake will be held at Acharya Pt Gopie Home at 7.30  (78 El Camino Way Brampton Ont.)

Sat May 20th. Viewing at 6.00pm Brampton Crematorium & Visitation Centre.

Sunday May 21st, Funeral Service at 2.30pm (Anthyeshti Sanskaar) Cremation at Brampton Crematorium & Visitation Centre. 30 Bramwin Ct. Brampton Ontario.

Tel 905-458-2222

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