The Jagans Commemorative Committee (Canada)

The month of March is significant in regards to the rich legacy of the late heroes of Guyana, Dr. Cheddi and Mrs. Janet Jagan. The year 2017 is particularly notable, not only will it mark Dr. Jagan's 99th birthday and Mrs. Jagan's 8th death anniversary, but, most significantly, it will be the 20th anniversary of Dr. Jagan's passing.


A like-minded collection of individuals and groups, the Jagans Commemorative Committee (of Toronto, Canada), has been established to pay homage to the Jagans. A tribute luncheon is being organized, under the caption, "A luncheon marking 20 years with lessons from remarkable lives."


The event is scheduled for April 2, 2017, at Elite Banquet Hall, 1850 Albion Road, Toronto, ON. Tickets cost $40.00, inclusive of a buffet lunch, a tribute programme, and historical displays. Tickets may be purchased by contacting any of the following:

Danny Doobay: 905-202-4715

Bejai Jairam: 416-986-2495

Sattie Sawh: 647-244-5495

Victor Yacoob: 416-636-8104

Jay Autobody: 416-744-0476


The programme includes Hon. Samuel A.A. Hinds, former Prime Minister of Guyana and prime ministerial running mate with Dr. Jagan in 1992 and with Mrs. Jagan in 1997, as its keynote speaker. Former Prime Minister Hinds is well versed in the immense patriotism, courage and leadership that both Dr. and Mrs. Jagan embodied. His address will no doubt feature rare insights into their larger than life personalities.


Former Prime Minister Hinds’ remarks will be complemented by other appropriate contributions from a wide cross-section of groups and individuals. There will also be extensive historical displays for all patrons to enjoy, set up by the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre. Additionally, any funds raised from this event will go towards the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre, a body whose indefatigable work continues to keep the legacy of the Jagans burning brightly.


We invite you to contact me or members of our Committee via the information above or below should you wish to partner further in bringing light to a tribute which we anticipate will be supported by Guyanese and West Indians from across the GTA.

We look forward to your support as we work assiduously to host a tribute befitting the storied legacy of Dr. Cheddi and Mrs. Janet Jagan.

With kindest regards,

Danny Doobay

Please RSVP your participation to me at the email or phone number above.

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