Soulja Bai paying Jagdeo bill

Soulja Bai paying Jagdeo bill

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All dem wrong things Jagdeo, that scamp do, got Soulja Bai paying and de man can’t seh nutten. Jagdeo was a man who bully everybody and tek wha he want because he tell heself that he would remain in power all de time.

Dem boys hear when he seh that he gun never lose any election again in Guyana but de people buss he bubble. In fact, he had a plan to put in Donald then he woulda tek over again just like wha Putin did in Russia.

He had these things in mind when he refuse to pay de Suriname company de money he tek as tax. Soulja Bai had to pay all that money, more than US$6 million. De thing is that if anybody did owe Jagdeo dem woulda have to fork over de money or live in hell. Try owing Babbie, he best friend and some others who he like.

Dem boys know de story bout de man who tek Jagdeo father land. De man did not expect that de same boy would tun president one day. De man did not know that Jagdeo is also de most vindictive man in Guyana.

Jagdeo never forget de story bout de man and he father land but he tell people how he never go after that man. But people who know him and know de story tell dem boys that Jagdeo didn’t only tek back de land, he run de man out of de village. To this day de man can’t go back.

Then he tek de land at Port Mourant and seh he building a branch of UG. He tell de world that he had de power to tek de land by compulsory acquisition.

He tek de people land, never pay dem and stifle de matter in court fuh 17 years. Yesterday, a judge bring de matter to an end and award de people de rightful value fuh dem property. And Soulja Bai got to pay this one again.

Dem boys always know and dem gun dead knowing that Jagdeo living a dishonest life. That is why dem boys seh not one word of truth, ever come out he mouth, much less a sentence.

Putting up wid such an individual was never easy. Just like de English language.

Jagdeo should fill de blanks wid ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ suh de nation would know exactly who this scamp is.

1._____ I don’t have a brain.
2______ I don’t have sense
3______ I am stupid
4______I am a thief
5______Jagdeo can’t tell de truth

Talk half and if get dem answer from Jagdeo.

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