Sonika on American Idol

RiffRaff posted:

Didn't realize Voice had an indian chick doing well

I look at the Voice not Idol. This girl Moushumi is badassed. However, the singers on the Voice this year are all very very good.  The difference here from Idol is most are seasoned singers and not off the street tryouts. 

watching Idol now...i still like Harmon

i always watch Voice ...and yes,i like Moushumi who left med sch to follow her music dream and hope that Pharrel can guide her in the right direction

and i like the current judges 

not sure f i will enjoy Miley as a judge...wait n see

i like Trent

so hopefully he's 2nd place at least cauze unlike Kelly, most winners fade/fizzle 

i was trying to see what happened to the voice winners

there was a Jamaican girl who won (hubby really liked her) and i don't even remember her name...obviously, her fame went nowhere

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