So I found another make-out spot in NY

....and i did!  I got my Italian ice from MY MOTHER on Rockaway blvd and ventured out.  Some Joseph somebody beach/park up Woodhaven.  But a lot of obeah/vodoo  stuff does gwan deh :O 



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ksazma posted:

I doubt it Marcy. Nothing surprises you.

LMAO..u know thinking of it, u r absolutely correct.  Dame! am that transparent and me mouth too big. Am like those little puppy..they have the loudess, annoying bark but still lovable and cuddly and adorable..nah fuh true Amral?  Lol

Marcy. posted:
Chief posted:


Hope you spot the rising aircrafts.

Yes yes..I did too ☺  was a real nice view

Imagine hammering away and the aircraft's rising at the same time.... good feeling.

One of my best memory  was in a room that was facing the Eiffel Tower on a moonlit night!

Never forgot that, Paris is for lovers!

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