I had a minor heart attack!

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Amral, was she blonde or brunette?

when the weeds are absent from around the garden it is kind of difficult to tell. But she is Italian.

Careful now, she could send you to ER. I heard them Italian don't stop until they come. You got your work cut out for you. 

Riff, I believe I wrote  about this before. What you had is called a mini stroke or TIA...Transient Ischemic Attack . I know this stuff well and just completed a memory research project with the University of British Columbia.  Plus they paid for each session of research material and it also helped me  medically to remember things...What's you name again ?

Seriously, this is a WARNING that a major stroke can occur, unless you pay close attention to your health, with diet and exercise. Be very careful with your health, because similar to losing our vision, a disabling stroke can leave us dependent on others for everything, like Mara and friends I spoke about recently, including Ron Seepersaud whose funeral was yesterday in Toronto.

My breakfast is varied with cereals  and fruits, but consists mainly of three boiled egg whites, [I give the yokes to the birds], avocado and cherry tomatoes, with two rye toast and Clamato juice. Sometimes a 3-egg omelet with some of all the veggys in the fridge. With Grace pepper to spice it up.

Lunch  is usually turkey sandwich with veggys on the side.

Supper is curry chicken without the skin, or mushroom soup, with some of all the veggys in the fridge and a Tandoor Naan  on the side.

I attend senior aerobics classes three times  weekly when I am not out of town.  But I am still undecided whether I go to aerobics for  exercise, or to watch the senior women sweating in tights.    Because that is also a healthy energy that gets my spirits up.   

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