Petra Organisation / GT Beer Futsal Competition … Sparta survive stern test to make quarterfinals

Petra Organisation / GT Beer Futsal Competition … Sparta survive stern test to make quarterfinals

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-Champs Bent Street, back Circle, West Front Road also through

By Rawle Welch

Back Circle, Bent Street, North East La Penitence, Sophia, Tucville, West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’, Sparta Boss and Broad Street Bullies were the teams to make it to the quarter-finals on this year’s Petra Organisation / GT Beer Futsal Competition following the completion of the round robin phase on Thursday evening, at the National Gymnasium.
Played before what was possibly the largest crowd to date, the eight teams will now jostle for semi-final spots when the tournament resumes on Tuesday, at the same venue.
Headlining the night’s action was the final encounter between beaten finalist from the previous competition Sparta Boss and the up-started Tiger Bay unit and the clash lived up to all expectations as both sides had the spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the match.
With both teams needing to win to secure their place in the next round, Tiger Bay got off to a perfect start after four minutes when the nippy Deon Alfred collected a long ball, cut inside, before unleashing a powerful left-footer that squeezed past the goalkeeper to his left.
That goal was met with loud applause as they love / hate connection between Sparta Boss and the fans was displayed in full view.
However, undaunted by their setback, Sparta Boss kept their composure and knocked the ball around with efficiency and their talisman Sheldon Shepherd gained the equaliser when he clinically clipped a pass from the left side just out of reach of the goalkeeper in the 9th minute.
Playing with confidence of multiple-time champions, Sparta Boss took the lead one minute later when Devon Millington netted the first of a hat-trick to hand them a slim 2-1 ascendancy at the break.
Coming out in the final period, Millington took exactly one minute to increase their lead when he booted past the goalkeeper for a 3-1 advantage and the noise from their supporters drowning that of the opposing faction chants.
The resilient Tiger Bay side were not done yet and they reduced the deficit by one when Alpha Fletchman hit in a rebound that came off the upright from a stinging shot in the 21st minute to make it 3-2 in Sparta Boss’s favour.
Millington it was who sealed the deal with another beautifully struck goal in the 24th minute, before they locked up defensively until the final whistle sounded.
Defending champs produced their most efficient effort to date when they beat a strong Sophia side 4-2 with Konata Manning hitting in a brace, while Colin Nelson and Joshua Browne added the others.
Two young sides, Back Circle and North East La Penitence continue to play impressively and racked up lop-sided wins against Agricola and West Back Road respectively, while West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’ suffered an upset against Tucville.
Broad Street Bullies continued their merry run with a 5-0 demolition of a lacklustre Albouystown side to advance.
The quarter-final matchups will be made later.

In the night’s full results:
Back Circle-5 vs Agricola-0
Stephon McLean-22nd and 26th
Akeemo Anthony-12th
Curtez Kellman-13th
Selwyn William-25th
West Back Road-1 vs North East La Penitence-7
North East Scorers
Calvin Moore-13th and 18th
Omallo Williams-5th and 29th
Shaquille Browne-1st
Romario Andrews-8th
West Back Road Scorer
Jarel Tyrell-25th
Albouystown-0 vs Broad Street Bullies-5
Darren Benjamin-10th, 21st and 27th
Kevin Cummings-11th and 17th
Tucville-3 vs Gold is Money-1
Tucville Scorers
Jermin Junior-5th
Dennis Edwards-12th
Jahal Greaves-14th
Gold is Money Scorer
Carl Tudor-10th
Bent Street-4 vs Sophia-2
Bent Street Scorers
Konata Manning-20th and 22nd
Colin Nelson-8th
Joshua Browne-26th
Sophia Scorers
Dwayne Lowe-16th
Joshua Kamal-21st
Sparta Boss-4 vs Tiger Bay-2
Sparta Scorers
Devon Millington-10th, 16th and 24th
Sheldon Shepherd-9th
Tiger Bay Scorers
Deon Alfred- 4th
Alpha Fletchman-21st

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