Ole people say

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i have heard this saying:


mother dead, family done! or mumma dead fambly done

Not true, my Dad is holding us all together now, taking over where my Mom left off.


then maybe i got it wrong and ... it's daddy dead famblee done

gurl not everybody's family are hypocrites who put on a show for their relative when he/she is alive but after death set out to cause hurt to the children and spouse of deceased...some folks have class while others are jealous, uncouth and vindictive

when u dig hole fo u mattie u does fall in am....

methinks me have a perfect example


someone came t OUR home some days ago and said something trying ot make me look bad and THEM look good...well everybody who had some sense turn around and said HE IS AN IDIOT and so are his people too...lol

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Chameli, you need new friends and you need to cut some family ties. That's way too much drama!

BhabiJi, thankfully,i have great friends in my life....majority of them i met through my hubby, one from my kindergarten days and one from form one...both were at my havan.

now for those other group, i really hope the hypocrites stay away from me and my children

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No need to get mad, what to do is get even, straight up right 



nah, not worth my time

GNI is my facebook and soapbox, i rave and rant right here

nosey folks will see and when the cap fits they will draw the string

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