Nuff nasty wickedness covering up

Nuff nasty wickedness covering up

Sep 24, 2017 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...kedness-covering-up/

A sickening thing happen in Berbice. This thing so sickening that people can’t believe it happen. A li’l boy went and follow he sisters home. He ride he bicycle just in front of dem but he never reach home.

A sick big man snatch him and do him all kind of things. When de man done wid de li’l boy he throw de boy and he bicycle in de Berbice River.

De village find de boy body pun a mud flat yesterday after searching fuh couple days.

This same sick MF did things like that before. Is only he didn’t kill nobody. Police didn’t tek note so somebody had to be covering up. Now that he going to jail and could face de gallows, dem boys wish he get de same sodomising in prison before de rope go round he neck.

De same covering up happening in Georgetown and it got sodomising just like in Berbice. It involve another li’l boy but this time is de other way round. A big man at City Hall was caught forcing this li’l boy fuh sodomise he in he own office.

De story buss out when another officer ketch dem in de act. This officer give a statement And de li’l boy give a statement, too.

Patsy, de woman who Chase Green, have all dem statements in she possession almost two months now. But up to now she ain’t do nutten.

De whole City Hall want to know why Patsy didn’t do nutten about this incident.

One officer tell dem boys he strongly believe she covering up because this shi**y business because she and de man is family. Dem related and he use to wuk wid she.

Dem boys also hear this is a man who use to walk round de city and pick up li’l boys, tek dem in he office and mek dem do things to him. Patsy got all dem statements. Is not de first time this man get caught doing this type of thing.

Dem boys seh is a set of covering up going on in Guyana. Four months ago a soulja slam a man head couple times into a concrete wall at a masjid. De man did object to something de soulja do inside de Masjid.

This man nearly dead. He losing he sight as de days go by. De matter reach de police, de army and de DPP but to this day nutten ain’t happen.

Somebody covering up this injustice.

De man tell dem boys he believe he gun go blind and he would never ever get to see justice.

Talk half and remember justice delay is justice denied.

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