Nehru and Shiek...Rahat Fateh Mast Kalander

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Yeah Baby!! Mast Kalandar  Ali Ali.  Sweet, reat sweet.


Gat me going early morning.

Definitely going to one of his concerts.....

Imagine Father and son together.  Dat would be awesome Dude.

This heart without you

This heart does not wanna concentrate anywhere without you, what shall I do
No one else settles in my imaginations, what shall I do
You tell me now, my sweetheart, what shall I do

In a stolen heart a lamp cannot be lit, what shall I do
Now you tell me my loyal love, what shall I do

Residing in someone's heart and irritating them is not nice
Giving a look/glimpses of self and then hiding is not right
Its not right to let the flowers of expectations go waste
I dont like any one other than u!, what shall i do

I can love u but the love maynot feel the same
Sometimes the heart may also feel the weight of the shadows of hair
There are thousands of sorrows in this world, mine as well as others
Not only is the sorrow of love the only one, wht shall I do

Take the flames that are burning in my heart or give it high hope
The one who is worthy of it, give him your love
What is in your heart just let me be aware of that much
That now on my own the journey seems never ending, what shall i do

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Sweet.  I have to confess,  Bhai Sheik got me into this Music.  I want to thank him.

Bai, all credit is due to dat racist  snake. I never heard of this type of music before. But the real mast kalandar song is from the album  'must mast' 2 volum 50. When paul start to coil, everybody got to step in a corner and give e space. I think it's on youtube.

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