Nagamootoo hurls racial slur at Jagdeo in House

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When one cannot cope, then you revert to cussing.  Nagamootoo is a lil bai compared to BJ, so he pull out the cuss bird thing.  He is trying to feign affection with his PNC handlers.  He cannot cuss black people or he end up with a bungie, so he cuss he mattie to feel straang.  This is actually prevalent among some Indians in Guyana.

are you [or Jagdeo] offended by Jagdeo being called a "coolie bully"?

You must be stupid to think that would bother us.  It is a matter of Principle and The ungentlemanly conduct of the Prime Minister.  Moses is a gutter rat who  should have been given the PM's job.   The man still washed his ass with water  and eat dholl  and rice with his fingers.

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Mental problems! Bro, you and yuh other two coolie racist are the ones with the mental issues.  Alyuh try and jail Jagdeo nah. Typical of people people with an agenda-fabricated lies on an innocent fella of tiefing. 


Harmon looking for three months now and he can't find anything to charge the man with. And if he has, but doan want to charge him, then Harmon encouraging him. 

Screaming about demons, praying that blacks be cursed by God, and accusing others of racism, after you make the most bigoted comments.  And on top of it you cannot even outline why the only 3 blacks who regularly post are all racist.


Sign of growing lunacy seignet.  This is what you get for playing around with Nigerian juju.

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