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Cainstah, lol at pandit rice...

Thanks for the offer to help...that tent was put up by a company... I did not see it come, did not see it go...compliments of my Aunt who was close to my hubby (he used to cut her grass and fix things at her home on Tower...he even took our neighbour to help out at her place)

I slept in today 2 whole hours!!!!  woke up at 7:44 am

picked tomatoes n beans...walked to Dr for my physical, came home made breaky and then walked to the Freshco to get baby cukes (only got 3 cukes off my vine )...gotto go back later today to get few king cole ducks (no more wknd groc shopping...too busy and i see ppl i would rather never cross path with in this lifetime)

now waiting for the tech to fix dishwasher then heading out to Fairview 'baby' has finally decided ot go do her G1 driving test

gotto share this:


Saturday night we went to a 50th for a fella who went to Richard Ismael...he and hubby were good pals

there i met old friends and associates of hubby...the dinner was sit down, served and extremely scrumptious, speeches were long and funny...catching up was nice

until i saw an ole bf from 36 yrs ago...well bf came up to pa sympathy when i was walking back from washroom...yikes

that was ok i guess

then he said, "hey, maybe we can go out for a coffee sometime"  (i shocked my self with this response)  "Dude, that coffee is bitter these days, hahah, plus hubby gave me enough coffee in his lifetime, so much so i have 6 jars in the pantry"  hmmm...he then said, " I can add some sugar" wow...grrrr

i said< "  i stopped using sugar, hubby found me a honey farm"  LOL LOL  we shook hands and i left soon!!! 

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