Movies....and TV shows

Around this time of year, we always spend lots of time watching some fav movies and the TV Xmas movies...

my hubby's favourite movie is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE...the black n white...2nd t that is Scrooge and Sound of Music...those movies we watched every year except for last xmas.

TV movies that i have watched lately is SNOW BRIDE...liked it

Housewives on strike...nothing to rave about...

A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS ...of course as a dog owner...i love this one tops


I just spent almost 3 hrs watching BAJRANG BAIJAAN...did not see an indian movie for a long time...i loved this it the highest rating....loved every song...each one with such deep meaning....i want to recommend it to all the people who think only their GOD matters (or whatever name they refer to GOD) This is a movie of love and respect and about hindu muslim....yet it could be about any religion or all religions

anyone who has disrespect for others' style of worship/prayer should watch it (and no i am not talking about the loudspeakers waking the whole community...just any prayer style)


i also have been watching QUANTICO...caz de gyal PRIYANKA is in it...used to enjoy 24 with Kiefer Sutherland.

for stupidness,  does watch Married at first sight

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Cham Cham...i think we watchin' the same channel  

is one movie after another on W-network    last nite was "Farewell Mr. Kringle"

i does prappa cry up sometime too...shhhhhh  

oh and not forgetting "sex in the city" em girls funny bad, two yrs ago i had a crew like that, now everybody settle down and tie up, except poor me 

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