Link to UG Presidential Debate

I have not listened to the debate in its entirety and will do so later on today.

I was side tracked by the presentation by Yash Ghaiat the bottom of this page. I thought of listening a bit but ended up recording it and listing to it on my ride this morning.

This is a must listen for all Guyanese since we can begin to think of transforming ourselves and our society away from these morally reprehensible political vermin that dominated our lives. It is what I was talking about here there for over a decade.

If any of you in your hearts are moral beings and care to grasp what is happening to us, take a listen here and then re assess your views.
Thanks Andre, I really appreciate you posting this link.
I tuned in late for the live broadcast and only heard the Q&A session. Thanks again.

When it was mentioned what it cost in bribes to do business in Guyana, it reminds me of the Berbice regional officers who demanded G$100,000 for an NGO to operate helping youth.
They were insensitive to the limited donations made by ordinary people, for the NGO to operate.

In order to achieve an inclusive society for all Guyanese, THE PPP MUST BE REPLACED.

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